Amazing! +++++
One of the mazing games that Over Mobile maked!! so addictive game, keep up the good job
Author: Son Of Zeus
5 stars +++++
Castle wars is best online game. I want to give it 5.5 star if it possible. Thank you
Author: Ritul
Great game +++++
Whenever I wake up at night, I start playing. I cant sleep without playing it lol!
Author: Bloody S
Again +++++
They did it again! Such a great game! I cant seem to put my phone down!
Author: Deadboy
Awesome +++++
It's an awesome and addictive game ever launched by Overmobile. It has mission which are puzzles. Friendly chat and Mods. You must give this game a try
Author: War Hammer
Super Game +++++
The Supergame and Missions improves the thinking capacity of players. And also it is very addictive for people of all ages. This game is the best game of Overmobile
I rate 5 stars for this game
Author: Abinsha
Castle Wars! +++++
One of the amazing game made by Overmobile. Castle Wars is a gift for us. Thank you
Author: Bhavika
Great game! +++++
Great game, commendable Interface. Simple and easy to play
Author: Gov Bangladesh
Easy :) +++++
Well i like this game very easy to play and for understanding also nice graphics
Author: Sanketpatil Addictive +++++
One of the Best from overmobile Addictive and well designed game
Author: Dead Decay
The Best Game +++++
The Best Game Ever I Played In My Life.Easy To Play, Simple And Many Fun.
Author: Sf Max
Best Game interface +++++
Good Graphics and so addicting. We salute you Overmobile!
Author: Boy Aztig
A nice game :) +++++
I always like games from OM, keep up the good job ;)
Author: Sargeras
Interesting +++++
Its too interest to play.It give more determination to win.It is most wounderfull game i saw
Author: Fearless Fire
I recommend! +++++
This is one of the best games of Overmobile! I recommend it for everyone
Author: Lightninger
The game is interesting +++++
Good plot and nice graphics. I love the games of the creators of OM. There are a few bugs in the game, but this is not a flaw. Slowly, everything will develop. Personally, I recommend this game and leave my rating - 6 stars :) I wish you luck in the development of the game
Author: Hw Hanys
Great game! +++++
Very friendly game to everyone! Thanks a lot
Author: Atsam
The best game! +++++
Congratulation good idea!
Author: Wituusieq
Congratulations! +++++
We are glad to introduce you to a great new online game "Castle Wars"!
Let's play! You are welcome!
Author: Admin